Welcome to the website of National Joint Registry INDIA - NJRI. The website intends to to collect information on all hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle replacement operations and to monitor the performance of these joints (Implants). Please click on the relevant link on the left to explore the website.

                      Surgeons can log on and create their own database by obtaining a confidentail UID number. The patient data and surgeon detail will remain confidential. It will be used only for a final analysis and results displayed will be available to general Public. Surgeons can access their own data at any time. They can also access the final analysis of the entire collected data that will be without any reference to the surgeon from whom the data have been obtained or the patient details.

                    For general public, we will soon come out with detailed analysis on results and trends on use and success of different kind of prosthesis and procedure. Patients can also participate by entering their own details and assessment by filling in the form at periodic intervals. This data set unlike those entered by surgeons will assess the functional outcome of the implants as percieved by the patient. The data may also be used with relevant data privacy measure in final analysis.

              Industry can provide their own data on voluntary basis. This will help us check the progress of the project. It will also be useful for companies to obtain a feedback on their new product and also to catch the trends at an early stage.


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